slip & slide

driving to school was fun today. yesterday i heard that it was going to rain… but i wasn’t expecting the amount we got this morning! it was the kinda rain where you have to drive 25-35mph when you can usually hit 60mph on the same road. i swear i need some new tires, because my car was hydroplaning a lot. i mean, not only was i sliding as i put my foot on the gas at a stoplight, but actually on the road i was slipping and sliding! after years of people driving on a road, the surface of the road develops worn spots where the majority of the traffic drives. well, it was those strips in the road that were filled with water. i spent 40 mins driving a little off center to avoid falling into those grooves and slipping. my car is way too light. any normal car wouldn’t have that type of problem. oh well, it made the normal morning drive interesting.

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