spring’s coming

one more day till spring break *sigh* it has taken so long to come, yet i dunno… it just doesn’t feel like it you know. maybe it’s because the weather is so messed up. yesterday it was freezing, today… i saw people wearing shorts. i don’t think i could be a meteorologist… the weather has become so unpredictable that i would go crazy from being wrong all the time… not saying that i’m always right, heh. the day was going perfect until 11 when i took an exam… i have no idea how i did. i’m not feeling to confident about it, but she gave us an extra 10 points as a mercy gift before spring break starts. how nice was that? but since the weather is so great today, i have to go cut the lawn, *sigh*. later on today, i’m going to finish setting up the photo gallery. it’s going to be cool. not only can i add pictures, but the users will be able to add pictures, and leave comments on individual pictures. there’s a bunch of nice features to play around with.

What do you think?

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  1. so being a meteorologist wouldn’t suit you why? ;) sorry, you asked for that one! And if it makes you feel any better, the weather here in waco is wacko too, but then again, isn’t everything? lol

happy b day

had a little friend visit me!!!