3 day weekends suck when you dont really get a chance to enjoy them. i went into the weekend with not a thing in the world to do, yet every single day something arose, and it kept me from relaxing. joy! this was the first time in almost 3 months that i had no school or work for 3 whole days. oh well. the little time i did have online, people like nicola, cas, inna, tom, susy, ddrgirl, cass, and cheryl! but besides that, i finally found the ddr iso’s ive been looking for… and even better, someone clued me into stepmania, and im addicted. within these past 2 days, ive downloaded ddr mix 1 through 8, euro mix 1 and 2, club mix, solo bass mix, bemani original mix, disney rave mix, and a bunch of other stuff. i think im at 391 total songs for stepmania. i cant wait till my package comes on wednesday. then i can hook up my ddr pad to the computer and be in stepmania heaven. ok im getting excited even thinking about it. ok greets goes over to,, and (ill stop bothering you for iso’s now, lol). im hanging out on now more in #ddrmaniax and #bemanistyle. check them out.

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