survivorcam didn’t survive


boo @ real life sometimes. well i’m just referring to the reason bertie (the famed webmaster who everyone has heard of in one way or another) gave to not continuing survivorcam. i don’t know if many of you knew about it, but that site is what got me interested in creating just picture this… the show survivor, but with 14 cams, and nothing’s out of bounds (i think you had to be 18 or older to play). i first found that site off some engine i believe, and started checking out the sites of the players and thought “hey, i can do that”… a week later, was born. i almost hate to see survivorcam go out like that, cause it was pretty good. but just like the show on cbs died out, i guess survivorcam was bound to too. bertie is selling the domains and the .org to the highest bidder. who wants to help me keep survivorcam alive?

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