that 70s show

{{popup 70musical1.jpg that_70s_show 320×240}}i don’t think theres any show on fox that i like more than that 70’s show last night they had their {{popup 70musical2.jpg 70musical2 320×240}}special 100th episode. and it was the funniest thing i’ve ever seen. in between laughing, i started taking screen caps of the show.{{popup 70musical3.jpg 70musical3 320×240}} i didn’t even know the show had been running that long. after the show, they had a special behind {{popup 70musical4.jpg 70musical4 320×240}}the scenes of the entire show & the musical. they were revealing secrets of the show and what not. if you can tell me fez’s real name, i’ll send you {{popup 70musical5.jpg 70musical5 320×240}}a prize… whatever that may be. if you were watching it, you would know. ok, here’s another question, how {{popup 70musical6.jpg 70musical6 320×240}}old was jackie when she first auditioned for the show? she said that she was turning 18, and that was true, but let’s just say it was years away, heh. good luck! (click the pics to see bigger versions)

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