the live chat was great

if you missed the live chat last night, you missed a good one. quite a few people showed up, and we had some fun. inna and her sister lily were so funny. and most of the night was spent messing with people’s minds. we all switched names, and then ramon came in and had no idea he wasn’t speaking to the person he thought he was. i dunno if he even knows now. someone should tell him… inna. i ordered pizza from papa johns and teased everyone in there that was hungry. that pizza was so good, think i’ll have some for breakfast. and then jason was obsessed with taking pictures of me smiling. one thing… i hate to smile, so everyone would try to make me laugh, and then take screenshots and post them on the forum. if you missed it, check out the recap and all the pictures taken here. stay tuned for the next one!

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Written by xorsyst

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