the sims online!

where have i been! well i have to admit… ive got an addiction. there i said it. and no, its not DDR this time, but thats still a heavy addiction for me, im dealing with it tho! last sunday… almost a week ago, my new sims disk came in. after installing it, the addication began. if you like the sims, the sims online will be like heroin. everything from the sims is there, but theres so many new things… like interactions, items, and other things. but like real life, the sims revolve around money. there are skills you can build up by doing stuff like dancing in cages in clubs, playing the guitar, making homemade preserves, and breaking pinatas to name a few. ive taken a few screenshots: the player select screen, the city i live in, the neigherborhood i live in, my property (downstairs), my property (upstairs), and a random house i visitedi have a 1 roomate that helps me pay for the stuff we have. my property is called club extacy. its doing great. ive convinced tom and nicola into getting it when its released in december. its going to be great.

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Written by xorsyst

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