the wedding

ah, well i ment to say i was going to be leaving sooner, but i kinda forgot about posting it on the site till moments before i was walking out the door. sorry! but the wedding was really nice. it was the first time ive been to a big wedding before. i was asked to me in the wedding at the last moment because one of the ushers said he couldn’t do it a week before the wedding. but im glad i was in it. i got to be on the other side rather than just sitting down in the pews. thats one job i wouldn’t like having… the wedding coordinator. she was so busy on saturday. i have to give her credit. the wedding went smooth. after the wedding, my cousins and i went back to the hotel. if you want to read about what went on then, click here. yesterday i was so freaking sick from what happened on saturday night. i slept the whole way back, and went to sleep early last night. but im feeling great today. just cant wait till i can go home!

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Written by xorsyst