im in one of my moods today, so you were warned…
dont you love hearing old songs that you havn’t heard in a while? i usually dont go for romance songs… well the old slow ones, but this one brought back memories!
i was speaking to nicola last night, and she made the funniest face. next time she does, im gonna take a screencap, mwahaha. they were almost as funny as the faces these people made once they saw this.
how many of you like the opera? ok, neither do i, but i saw this baby this morning. and he made me find a new respect for opera. they say the best opera’s are about personal tragedy, or things like love, loss, betrayal… but in a babie’s eyes, this is about the saddest thing you could sing of.
ok, i dont like the president. but i do give him credit in handling the whole wtc thing. i would be as bold to say he’s handing iraq ok too. but i think he’s trigger happy. he wants to go in and blow the hell out of sadam before he has a chance to organize. thats all well and good, but i dont know if i could trust a presidents judgement to war… when he looks scared holding a gun. not the kinda person you want leading our military to war
big guys on snowboards are almost as satisfying as lego porn mmmmmmmm
have you ever thought about how much rubix cubes own? well they do. ive never been able to do a whole one. but you can play with that one anytime!
ok, im going to play counterstrike or something.

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