time continues to eat at me

weekends go by way too fast. maybe it was because i had the house all to myself for once, i dunno, but i do know it’s 5:18pm, sunday, and the weekend is practically over. one of the main reasons i didn’t go out of town to atlanta this weekend is because i had so much work to catch up on for school. i can’t keep this up, i’m going to break down! i finished it at around 2 something today, but then i had to go mow the lawn, and wash cars. it’s been non-stop. *sigh* when will it end? i woke up at 8am saturday and today seeing as i was supposed to meet someone online, but they never showed. i hope everything is ok, cause it’s not like them to not come on… but friday i got the layout for version 4 of the site finished. it’s going back to more of the “techno-ish” designs that i like. i’m happy with how it turned out, and i have much more space to work with, unlike with this design. that’s the main reason i didn’t keep it up for longer. things seemed cramped, and i had to take out some of the stuff i usually have up so that it could all fit. the new layout should be up sometime by wednesday… check out that site kept me amused for an hour and a half last night while i was taking a break from homework. click on the animations, and view those. they are the best

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