tony christ is coming

ah, yes, blogging again. i was going to yesterday, but i got sidetracked. first, everyone go check out nicola‘s new layout! if you really know nicola, you know that layout reflects her. well yesterday tony christ came up to uwf with his friend and a bunch of us was just hanging out playing pool / ping pong etc. ok. tony… no one talks as much crap as he does! lol. anything he plays, he talks crap just to throw you off. ping pong… he’ll talk about how his budda palm owns all. and then pool. LOL. i wont even go there tony. you say you were sore, but pool… there was no excuse. i would of had to throw fuseball into this too, but tony christ declined to play. maybe for the good because he would of started talking his game again. lol. everyone will find out who tony is. he will have his own site up. so everyone get ready!

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