tony little is evil

{{popup tlittle1.jpg tlittle1 320×240}}the gazelle freestylelast night i fell asleep with the tv on as i usually do without setting the sleep timer. sleep timers… i hate those things. by the time i get tired enough to set it, i’m not coherent enough to push the buttons and look at the screen at 2am. you may say set it earlier… well, i will set it earlier, and 2 hours later, i’m still watching tv, and it goes off. {{popup tlittle2.jpg tlittle2 320×240}}tony littleit’s easier to press the on button at 2am than it is to go through menus. ANYWAYS… when i woke up this morning, i found the tv on one of those infomercials. and if that wasn’t bad enough, it was on a TONY LITTLE infomercial. who is tony little you may ask. he’s the one who created the gazelle freestyle (a fitness machine thats firms your butt by swinging your legs around or something), fitness videos, and other odd contraptions. that dude once had the longest mullet i’ve ever seen. but at least now, he has all of it long, which {{popup tlittle3.jpg tlittle3 320×240}}tony littlei think most females would be jealous of. don’t ever buy any of his products! while i was watching his infomercial today, i thought i saw some kinda subliminal message flash by. so i went on my computer, and loaded up my tv on there, so i could take some screenshots as proof, and sure enough, i caught him displaying a message that {{popup tlittle4.jpg tlittle4 320×240}}EVIL tony littleclearly shows “Give me your money, wife, and kids.” how much more proof do you need that he is evil? boycott tony little! (click the pics for larger view… especially the last one)

and do you know, if you eat pringles like i eat them, the roof of your mouth will hurt like nothing on earth after about 20 of them. ugh, i need to learn how to eat these chips right. someone teach me. and did you know that pringles come in ridges now?! i had no idea. i guess i’m amused by simple things.

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Written by xorsyst

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