toooo tired

what a day… well i woke up and wanted to just go back to bed. it was all her fault i was sooo tired! :P anyways, i made it to school on time, and went to class. today was the first day that i went to my technical writing class. good thing there wasn’t more people in class at the time cause the professor was kinda rude when i asked him if there was a syllabus. anyways, onto the interesting event. later on in the day i went to go buy a book for my programming class. well due to the fact i was tired, i wasn’t paying attention. they didn’t have the book i wanted, so i left, and then realized i needed to go to the bathroom. now, i never go to the bathrooms near the bookstore, so i really wasn’t familiar with them, but i saw a guy that was heading to the bathrooms, so i followed him. he went in first, then i followed him. there’s a little hall before you get to the actual bathrooms. so he went in first, then kinda held the door open a bit so it wouldnt’ slap infront of me as i was walking in. note: he looked at me in the eye by this point to make sure the door didn’t hit me. anyways, i walk in and turn the corner, to notice this asian girl washing her hands. it then hits me like a bolt of lightening… that guy was a GIRL!!! i let out a pretty loud “oh shit” and then turned around, and walked out not looking back! after i got back to the hall, i slowed down a bit cause i didn’t want to draw attention to myself as i walked back out into the commons. so i sit there for a sec… i couldn’t figure out why she didn’t say anything to me as i walked in there. now girls, if a guy was walking in the girls restroom, wouldn’t you say something to them? i mean, she didn’t even hesitate to hold the door open for me. anyways, i then walked outta there as nonchalantly as i could. i didn’t even look back cause i know that asian girl would be leaving soon. i couldn’t believe i did that. so i go over to the pool tables where my friends were, and i told tony christ what happened. within 15 seconds EVERYONE by the tables knew what happened, lol. it was crazy. speaking of pool. i skipped my discrete math class today cause they were having a pool tournament in the commons at 4. so like… about 5 people i knew was gonna play in there… one of which was defending champion. there were like over 30 people in there, it was so packed. so to pass the time, everyone was talking trash, bragging about how they were going to take out thier opponents quick and easy. 40 mins rolls by before they have thier first game… turns out every single one of them (including the defending champion) got beat in the first round! i couldn’t believe that. i skipped just to see everyone lose! talk about a waste! anyways, im hungry. food calls!

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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  1. oh yeah blame that on me!!!:P lol louis thats worse than what happened to me yesterday *cough* dont worry ill remind you of that insident everytime you decide to get cheeky with me :P

  2. lmao! i feel for you louis…u know what really sux is when a chick has to go to the bathroom really bad and it says that it is out of order. lol that happend to my sis and she went to the guys. she didnt want to but i made her. i had to look out. good thing no1 was comin!

  3. Gah, my computer was not being very nice to me, It performed an illegal operation or something when I tried to come to your site :( anyway, sorry I didn’t get to comment on the layout sooner, but gah, my computer sucks! Yup, so I loooove the layout lots! hehe.. and lmao about the bathroom thing, that’s great.. gotta hate when a woman looks like a man, lol..anyway, have a good night!

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