touring pensacola

today was so freaking long. we had this tour thing for my travel and tourism class today where we took a tour of pensacola . it wasn’t so much a tour for visitors to the area, but from a business-like standpoint about what this city has to offer visitors. it was informative and all, some parts were pretty interesting, but what sucked was it started at 7:50am, and didn’t finish till 5 on the dot. the channel 3 news was shadowing us though, so we will probably be on the news tonight. i’m probably going to get a cold ’cause all the places were either too warm, or COLD. being rained on, then going into a bus that seemed to be like 40 degrees is so not cool. the last 3 hours was spent on perdido key, which basically is a community that is too rich to be on the same landmass as the rest of pensacola. that place is jam packed with condo’s and houses that begin in the $500,000 range. i don’t see what that had to do with the tour, but every set of houses, he had to give us price ranges on them. and then my professor stopped me while we were at a some place downtown, and said “i was shocked when you were giving your presentation on tuesday. you have such a nice speaking voice. you’ve been so quiet in class that i never really noticed, you need to use it more.” i’m like “uhhh, ok, if you say so.” heh. i don’t really like my voice, but oh well (i’m sure inna would disagree with me). anyways… in other news. i’m anticipating jackie’s new site. she gave her old, and quite famous domain to katy, and jackie’s going to start a whole new site. i can only imagine how great it will be. and i know i’ve already plugged her earlier, but i just feel like doing it again. she finally got her own domain after going through like 45 different hosts. so now everyone go worship susi. and tami also got her domain back up. so you MUST go there now. <3 and yea, one last plug cause her layout is tantalizing.

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