two for tuesday

time for the two for tuesday.

1. Are you happy where you live? If not, what isn’t working for you there?
yes and no. pensacola is a good city… or it will be in 20 years. this city is growing daily. it has some awesome beaches, and some nice people. this city is known for its beaches. they said pensacola is what florida use to be. that is, before it turned into orlando, miami, daytona, etc. its very laid back. too laid back. the pace of life is just so slow. the cost of living is good though.

2. Is there a place that you think would be ideal for you? If so, would you ever consider moving there?
i dunno. i could see myself coming back here in 20 years when the city is more established. but besides that, i have to live on the coast somewhere. i feel weird inland. i cant describe it. ive never lived somewhere that wasn’t on the coast. every city i have lived in had a beach. i might not go to the beach regularly, but still its there, and i can go if i had the urge to go. if i had the $$$ i would live on some island in the pacific. maybe near japan or somewhere in europe.

What do you think?

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