two for tuesday

1. What sport did you love to play when you were a kid — and were you any good?
i played basketball and soccer when i was younger. im pretty good, but im not the one to really judge my own skills. i have 2 trophys. one from 3rd place (team), and one first place in 2 on 2. also i use to play soccer, but for fun. in cuba, there was this kid who was from there. and if you know anything about cuba, you know that soccer is a pretty big sport there. so he was obviously better than everyone else at the school. but i was one of the few people that could stop him. so we use to always get into really good games when we played against eachother. those were the days…

2. What about now? Do you still play that sport or any others?
now… um, still play basketball. not as much tho, no time. i use to be into agressive inline. i still have my oxygen argon‘s. i can still do it, but dont really have time for that either.

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Written by xorsyst

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