two for tuesday

1. When you’re tired, do you embrace sleep — either by napping or calling it a night — or do you fight it and stay awake?
im a night person. i will stay up till 5am and sleep till 2-3pm if i could. i dunno what it is. i just function better at night. maybe its because i have less distractions. i dunno. during high school, there would be times where i stay up all night working on a project, then wake up the next morning sitting in my chair. i still remember one morning when my legs fell asleep and i woke up and realized i was late. so the first thing i do was jump out of the chair, but because my legs fell asleep, i just hit the ground HARD. i ended up laying there laughing for a bit.

2. Do you have any funny sleeping rituals or habits?
hmm, dunno if i do. when i was younger, i never could sleep on the outside of my bed. ive always had a queen sized bed, and i would HAVE to sleep on the inside, closest to the wall. it wasn’t that i would fall off or anything, its just i didn’t feel right. i think it started in cuba though. we had these houses that were specially built to be hurricane proof (yes they do make those). it was like all concrete, with flat concrete roofs. looked pretty basic, but it was a military housing, they dont really care for aesthetics. but the concrete walls use to be VERY cold. and i liked being close to them. cuba… of course is hot, and those cold walls were welcomed.

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