two for tuesday

1. Do you believe in ghosts? If so, have you ever had any kind of ghostly encounter?
yes i do believe in ghosts. it all started from my 3rd grade teacher. i went to this small private school for 2nd and 3rd grade. the 2nd and 3rd grade consisted of about 12 kids. and our teacher was in her late 60’s i assume. and thinking back on it, i believe she was going a bit cenile, but thats besides the point. she use to tell us stories of ghosts that suposedly lived in her house. she had this ghosts that use to drink her husband’s coffee in the morning. she had some name for him, i forget. but she acted as if it was another member of the family. she use to pour 3 cups of coffee, one cup for the ghost. and he use to drink it every morning when her & her husband wasn’t looking. i dunno if i believed that. however, one day she told us a story of a poor family somewhere in england. it was back in the early days of tv. anyways, this family lived in a run down house, and they had a tv that didn’t work in the living room. it was near christmas, and some years ago, a lady had died in the house for some reason or another. but that christmas when the family woke up, her cold and chilling face appeared on the tv seeming to stare into your soul. it stayed there for 2 or 3 days. and the newspaper took a photo of it. and my teacher brought it in for us to see. and to this day that ladys face scared the crap out of me. even writing this i have a weird feeling. for like some years after she told us that story, i could not look at a tv when it off and i was in the dark. i swear it took me at least 5 years before i could do it. its just one of the things i dont feel right doing.

2. Do you like scary movies? If so, name one movie that genuinely frightened you.
i love scary movies. out of all the genres of movies, i would have to enjoy scary movies the most. the cheesy movies dont really catch me. i like the type of scare that could techincally be real. but to this day, candyman has been the scariest movie i have ever seen. maybe it was because i was younger when i saw it, but still even today, that movie was the best.

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  1. my mom used to tell us all kinds of stories like that. like in my parents old house (that they rented) it was made of pure limestone and its like almost impossible to hear noises through it but every night they would like hear chairs moving and stuff downstiars, so they would go down and nothing would be moved and the sounds would stop like immediately as they got up. and as soon as they went back to bed they would immediately start hearing them again. they ended up only living there for like 2 weeks :x


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