wake up from this dream

this morning was really weird. i thought i was still dreaming or something. i usually fall asleep with my tv on, and i rarely set the timer. so when i woke up, the tv was still on, but all i saw was snow. i looked outside, and it there wasn’t a storm. it was a bit cloudy, but thats it. so it was a bit odd for the cable to go out. i figured i would just check my mail and see who was on since i couldn’t watch tv. i went over to my computer and noticed the net wasn’t working either. so i go down to the dining room to check on the computer in there (since its the one connected to the internet on our network) and it was turned off. so like a reflex i turned it on, it beeped twice, and just hung. so i couldn’t go on the net. no tv, no internet… do you know how boring that is? i dont think i spoke a word all day till around 3. anyways, yesterday my sims online disk came in the mail. i was excited cause ive been waiting on it for awhile now. so i begin to install it , and its going great. it asks for disk 2, so i put it in, and get all the way to 80% and it says the install has been corrupted. im like ok. ill just redo the installation and use my other CDRW to install from. so i take out disk 2 and put in disk 1, but by chance, i happened to turn over disk 2 to see a huge crack on it. i was soo pissed. i emailed customer support hoping they would send me another disk and not ask me to pay shipping again. i just heard from them saying they would send another one free. so thats cool. looks like a delay before i will be able to show everyone screenshots!

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