wall pong

ah yes, just got finished playing wall pong… wall pong you may ask… what the hell is that? its a game that willis made up (i would link his site, but i forgot the url to it. post it in the comments willis). basically we move two tables up to the glass wall (window), and then scatter cups, and other obstickles all over the 2 tables, and then try to bounce the ball off the wall, and into the cups for various points. yes, sounds lame, but when 6-7 people get into it, its coo. i know we were making all kinds of noise, everytime someone walked past the window outside, they would look at us. but the windows have this mirror tint, so they couldn’t see who was doing it. basically i won 3 games and everyone else had 1. willis, i am the king. deny it… no. the only thing you were king of is getting denied by BIG RED, LOL. so anyways, im going to actually stay at school today and not go to the mall or something. someone told me we have a test on wednesday in calculus, so im going today for the review. wish me luck.

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