xpert hosting rocks!

i’ve just switched hosting companies. i’ve found a really great, and fast, host with awesome support. how many hosts do you know that the owner will answer all questions prompt, and even gives out his aim name to help? i can’t name one company that offers that kinda support. if you have ever thought about putting up your own cam site, i would suggest this host for sure! they have special packages that will make choosing a plan easy. some of the packages include, “cam site”, “blog site”, “e/n site”, so you know exactly which plan is good for you. also, unlike some of the hosts out now, they offer everything. CGI, PHP, MYSQL, server side includes, unlimited pop3, unlimited email forwards, unlimited auto responders, … think i’m finished yet? NOPE, they even offer real audio, real video, a secure SSL directory, and can even design your site for you! and just for those of you that mention you heard about xpert hosting from me, he will give you a special deal! if you have been looking for a new host or have been wanting to make your own site, now is the time. click here to talk to him! he’s really friendly, and helpful.

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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  1. I looked at his packages when he posted on the forum. They seem good for someone like you who is interested and will use all that stuff, but for someone who’s just looking for a blog site with a cam pic they have a lot of unneccessary stuff and it’s plans are kind of expensive. I also didn’t see anything about multiple ftp accounts, and if you want a hosting domain then you are screwed. Also, my server gave me their aim name also. :)

  2. well i wouldn’t say they are unnecessary, some people may not use em, but they are definatly useful. its better to have them waiting if you want to use em, then come back and not have something when you need it. and also, he gives special deals if you said you heard it from me. trust me, its worth it.


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