yahoo! games


i’ve been playing those yahoo games for the past day and a half. i used to play them every now and then, but for some reason, i’ve gotten into that game mode. usually, i stick to pool and invite friends to play. earlier today, me and nicola played a few games of pool, but after 4 or so games, we got bored, so we tried out chess. now, it’s been years since i played. i don’t even know the movements by heart, but luckily yahoo has it set up so it shows where you can move. once i got that under my belt, chess became easy. the game got intense when most of the pawns were outta the way, and you could tell both of us were in a state of extreme concentration. it was a great game. at first i thought i was going to win, but nicola suprised me, and started to make me get nervous. but when the smoke cleared, {{popup chess3.gif chess 581×384}}heres who won. good game!

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