You can find the LSPDFR mod here. Please follow their instructions for the prerequisite mods you need for LSPDFR.

Below is a list of the various mods I use to enhance my game.

GTA V Mods

Natural Vision Remastered
Simple Trainer
Player Location Display
Realistic Blood and Decals Remastered
Forced First Person Aim
NFS Gauge
Lip Movement

LSPDFR Specific Mods

Assorted Callouts
Tacco Highway Callouts
Wilderness Callouts
Traffic Policer
Police SmartRadio
Ultimate Backup
Stop the PED
Stop the PED Elite
Additional Computer+ Image Assets (inside download files menu of Computer+)
Better EMS
Emergency Uniforms Pack
LSPDFR EUP Configurations
Vocal Dispatch
Kifflom Replacement

Rage Hooks Plugins

Emergency Uniforms Menu
Police Repair Shop

These mods need to be enabled manually in the Rage plugin hook. Upon starting LSPDFR, click the gear icon on the Rage startup screen, then navigate to the Plugin’s section to load.

Additional Info

You may or may not have to do this, but I had to increase my Rage plugin timeout to 50000ms (50 seconds) due to the game shutting down LSPDFR due to “freezing”.

With the number of plugins I have loaded, I believe it was just taking an extended amount of time to load. The increased timeout fixed the problem. Just click the gear icon when you see the Rage loading screen below.