BoA tries to conquer American pop industry

BoA tries to conquer American pop industry


Boa comes to America

While I’m not the biggest fan of BoA, I do like her music from the early part of the 2000’s (Atlantis Princess, Listen to my heart). Yesterday it has been made official that she’s taking her career to America to try and tackle one of the most critical pop industries there is.

Her official kickoff here in the states will be in October. She will release her dance single, “Eat You Up” as the first song off her upcoming album. After watching the video, I’m not sure she will be received well by those that don’t already know her. I wish her the best of luck, however a recent incident may have been a sign. For Wednesday’s press conference to announce her America crossover, she appeared in a cast. Her agency said she had fallen down stairs the day before.

Here’s a teaser for her Eat You Up single

Via Giapet.

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