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Detective Pikachu - Cute Pikachu

27 February 19: New Official Trailer #2 added! The second trailer for Detective Pikachu really kicks it up and adds a lot to the story! I’m more excited than ever for this one!

One of the most popular Pikachu posts on my blog is my picture of a realistic mother Pikachu drawn by an artist called Dogsfather. However, it looks like we may know what Pikachu looks like in real life with the latest trailer for the upcoming movie Detective Pikachu. This summer, we learned the title of the new live-action Pokemon movie, Detective Pikachu. Here’s all the latest information that we know so far.

Detective Pikachu - Charizard and Pikachu

Detective Pikachu Movie Trailer #1

Detective Pikachu Movie Trailer #2


Detective Pikachu - Ryme City PoliceSet in the home of the annual Pokémon Carnival, Detective Pikachu takes place in Ryme City. Tim Goodman is a young man who has recently joined the same police precinct that his father, Harry Goodman, belongs to.  Harry is a legendary detective who has gone missing and left no clues as to his current whereabouts. Detective Yoshida is a good friend of Harry’s and is excited to have Tim as a member of the team. However, Tim is quick to let Detective Yoshida know that he is nothing like his father.

Detective Pikachu - Jiggly PuffTim, grew up dreaming about becoming a legendary Pokemon trainer who would go on to compete at the Sinnoh Championships. Once he was able to, he purchased a one-way ticket and left his hometown in Leaventown to head to Ryme City to make that dream a reality. However, like most of us soon realize, real life has steered him in a different direction.

Detective Pikachu - Lucy and Tim

One evening, Tim hears what appears to be a burglar in his apartment. Upon investigating, he is surprised to see a Pikachu snooping around his living room. But, this Pikachu isn’t like the others around Ryme City. Tim can understand every word this Pikachu is saying.

Detective Pikachu - Tim and LucyTim then meets another pokemon trainer named Lucy Stevens who is another Pokemon trainer who decides to help him on his journey to find his father. Surprisingly, Lucy’s pokemon of choice is the ever-frustrating Psyduck.

So this unlikely duo of Tim and Detective Pikachu sets off on an epic journey with their new friend Lucy to figure out the mystery behind Tim’s missing father.

Detective Pikachu - Mr Mime

Detective Pikachu - Tim and Pikachu

Ryme City ticket

Detective Pikachu Known Cast

Detective Pikachu - Tim Goodman

Justice Smith as Tim Goodman

Detective Pikachu - Voice of Pikachu

Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu - Detective Yoshida

Ken Watanabe as Detective Yoshida

Detective Pikachu - Lucy Stevens

Kathryn Newton as Lucy Stevens

Detective Pikachu - Harry Goodman

Paul Kitson as Harry Goodman

Detective Pikachu - Jack

Karan Soni as Jack

Detective Pikachu - Sebastian

Omar Chaparro as Sebastian

Detective Pikachu - Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse as UNKNOWN

Detective Pikachu - Bill Nighy

Bill Nighy as UNKNOWN

Detective Pikachu - Chris Geere

Chris Geere as UNKNOWN

 Detective Pikachu - Rita Ora

Rita Ora as UNKNOWN

Detective Pikachu Movie Release Dates

The United States / Japan

The release date for North America and Japan is currently May 10, 2019. Detective Pikachu will be released by Warner Bros and is set to be in regular theaters as well as in 3D.

Detective Pikachu Reveal Information


Detective Pikachu: Tim and Lucy

Detective Pikachu - Justice Smith

Detective Pikachu - Kathryn Newton

Detective Pikachu - Rob Letterman

Detective Pikachu Movie Details

  • Director: Rob Letterman
  • Producers: Mary Parent and Cale Boyter
  • Writers: Nicole Perlman and Rob Letterman
  • Production Company: Legendary Entertainment
  • Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures

So as of right now, this is everything we know about the Detective Pikachu movie. We may never know what Detective Pikachu may have sounded like voiced by Duane “The Rock” Johnson, yes that was almost a thing.

There are still many characters we don’t know such as actress Suki Waterhouse‘s character… I’m going to call it now… Jessie from Team Rocket!

This post will be updated as soon as more information is revealed!

Detective Pikachu, Hit or Flop?

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