Dragonball movie trailer pictures

Dragonball Movie Pics

Here are the latest set of pictures from what is said to be the official Dragonball trailer. No official word if that is true or not, however you may notice that Piccolo is a weird albino shade of white. Hopefully it’s just the creative use of lighting, and not a story twist where he must regain his chlorophyll while stopping Goku from obtaining the dragonballs.

Dragonball Movie Pics

Dragonball Movie Pics

Dragonball Movie Pics

Dragonball Movie Pics

Dragonball Movie Pics

Dragonball Movie Pics

Via Kotaku.

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  1. I haven’t watched it on TV or read a DB manga in Y-E-A-R-S yet the above make me cringe.

    And for the record, I’m starting to believe that Chow Yun-Fat will show up in ANYTHING martial artsy as long as the producers promise that he can freely raid the craft services cart. =p

  2. They’re trying to cash in on the ‘Comic Mania’ that’s sweeping Hollywood right now.

    I’m willing to bet that Jack Black could Swede the movie in an afternoon and it would still come out better.

  3. i can’t seem to escape the image of the Mask that Jim Carrey played when looking at Piccolo. This is a joke! Very bad casting, that’s all I have to say. I hope it won’t be as bad as I expect.

  4. why do people keep saying that they were surprised to see that goku is white.. in the show he wasnt supposed to be any race from earth.. and he is supposed to be a child.. he is supposed to look whimpy.. but i do agree with piccolo he look horrible.. reminds me of the goblin from spiderman

  5. Ummmm…. i dont remember goku being all big and muscular in dragonball. actually the real problem is he’s too old, Goku was like 13 Justin is like 22. So all you people stop bitching about the wrong thing and get your facts straight.

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