Masi Oka writes his own lines in Heroes

Masi Oka Heroes

Masi Oka from HeroesTokyoMango caught a pretty interesting article from the LA Times about Masi Oka called, “10 things you may not know about Masi Oka.”

Masi Oka plays a Japanese otaku named Hiro that has the power of time travel.  He’s most known for throwing his arms in the air and yelling “Yatta”, which basically like saying “All right!”, or “Yea!” when you do something good.

The number five most interesting point was that he traslates his own dialogue into Japanese for the series. Oka says,

It’s important to me to translate the English dialogue in a way that I think Hiro would say it. A formal translator would make it too rigid and not colloquial.

I always enjoyed when he came on screen and spoke Japanese. It does sound very natural. He also speaks about Heros season 3, and says they are well into production with 4 episodes done already. I think I need to put season 2 in my Netflix queue to catch up. LA Times via TokyoMango.

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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