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May seems to have flown by this year. It was a busy month for me offline. I went to visit my family in St. Thomas at the beginning of the month for a week. And I have been hard at work on my new website that’s going to detail some of my traffic and SEO techniques for building blogs into popular and successful sites. With those two things taken up most of my time, I haven’t had the time to changes a few things here on However I am prioritizing and I am finishing up a few things here before I begin to dive back into my other projects.

May 2008 Stats: WordPress Stats

With that said, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that May was the first month I didn’t double my traffic. 200,000 pageviews was my goal for May. However I knew from the beginning that it was an unrealistic goal. Still, the good news is that I had my best month so far!

May saw a total of 125,827 pageviews, with around 98,743 unique visitors (uniques from AWStats, pageviews from WordPress Stats) My Alexa rating has dropped dramatically’s from last month’s 132,538. My current Alexa traffic rank is 68,586. And from the below stats, I can expect to drop even more by the next update. My Feedburner readers have also increased. Last month I was at 190 readers. As I write this now, I am at 259.

Thanks to all of my new and faithful readers for making May the best month yet on! I don’t expect as many interruptions in June as I had in May, so I know I will be closer to hitting that 200,000 pageview goal.

One new stats program that has totally replaced the usefulness of Google Analytics is Woopra. That’s my daily stats program that I have running 24/7 in my system tray. If you have never heard of Woopra, prepared to be amazed when you check out their website. I can’t even begin to know where to start with what Woopra offers. So here’s a video that explains it pretty well. It’s still in beta, and they are inviting people regularly. Sign up for an account, and add your site. You should be in the beta in no time.

May 2008 Stats: AWStats

May 2008 Stats: Alexa

May 2008 Stats: Alexa

The best of May 2008

  1. Nico Nico Douga animated gif gallery
  2. Who’s your favorite musical artist from Japan?
  3. Street Fighter – The Legend of Chung Li
  4. Miyuki Asao suicide by hydrogen sulfide
  5. U.S. Navy makes CVN-73 manga
  6. Weekend News
  7. Japanese voyeur films shot by women
  8. Super Mario Bros 3 AMV
  9. Japan first to see Dragonball movie
  10. Speed Racer fails to take anime mainstream

Most visited posts of May 2008

  1. Play Guitar Hero 3 Online 26,062 visitors
  2. Online Naruto Games 8,057 visitors
  3. KeyholeTV: Watch Japanese TV Online 6,010 visitors
  4. Free English Doujinshi 5,357 visitors
  5. Top Wii Games for 2008 3,793 visitors
  6. Rockstar Bento Boxes 3,716 visitors
  7. Who is Magibon? 3,053 visitors
  8. Frank loves Magibon 2887 visitors
  9. Ninja Warrior: Levi Meeuwenberg 2,345 visitors
  10. Naruto Character Quizes 1,893 visitors

Top traffic sources for May 2008

  1. Google Search 47,526 visitors
  2. Direct 6,596 visitors
  3. Stumbleupon 5928 visitors
  4. Yahoo Search 2,531 visitors
  5. Live Search 1,298 visitors
  6. Otaku.FM 1,034 visitors
  7. MSN Search 861 visitors
  8. Google Image Search 635 visitors
  9. AOL Search 447 visitors

What do you think?

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  1. Thanks! While this month really doesn’t show it, because I was out of town / busy for most of it, is always a big traffic source for me. Submit all your interesting posts to the Anime category, or Japan (depending on what it is). Otaku.FM also has been steadily climbing my referrer list. 2 great sources for anime/otaku type sites.

  2. wow, congrats! wonder when will I get that much traffic ? >_< btw, I’m surprised that your biggest traffic is from StumbleUpon since I rarely get traffic from there. Hmm, maybe because I rarely post something interesting ? ^^;

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