Want to host a Japanese game show on MTV?

Want to host a Japanese game show on MTV?


Japanese Game Show: Be a host on MTVSeems that MTV is indeed looking for a host for a pilot they are planning. I first saw this on Ningin, which linked Slant eye for the round eye, which linked to Nikkei View. Nikkei View apparently was sent an email from Suzette Brown, a casting producer for MTV’s Series development and animation. I was a bit skeptical because I couldn’t find any other information about it. However, it seems as though Mrs. Brown was a former JET member, and sent a message to the New England JET association that stated,


I’m a former JET. I was in Tochigi so many years ago. I’m now a TV producer and MTV is searching for a host for a Japanese game show pilot. We’re looking for someone who appears to be Japanese or of Japanese descent and appears to be between 21-35 years old. I wanted to circulate this among JETs and former JETs ASAP.

I’m looking for Americans, perhaps Canadians, as well… but I didn’t want to rule anyone out. All they have to do is email me a video clip and we’d take it from there.


A few more details were specified in the message sent to Nikkei View,

People that exude a lot of enthusiasm, have wicked personalities, distinct styles and possess a unique charm on tape should apply ASAP. The perfect candidate would have a Johnny Knoxville-like appeal. If this describes you, please email nycastingteam@gmail.com immediately. Television credits are not necessary. Improv / comedy backgrounds are a plus. There will be compensation.

It is an amazing opportunity for the right talent, so please email nycastingteam@gmail.com with a headshot / pic and let them know why you’d be the perfect game show host. Must be well-versed in the English language. Union and non-union okay. Taping will be in New York.

So if you are Asian, have a Johnny Knoxville-like charm, and are dripping with enthusiasm, email nycastingteam@gmail.com . There was an MTV email address also listed in the message sent to NEJET. Good luck!

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