Off to St. Thomas


St Thomas U.S. Virgin IslandsIf you’re reading this right now, Im on a flight to the Virgin Islands. I havn’t been there since I was a child, and I’m looking forward to seeing relatives. I am half West Indian, which im sure you wouldn’t have been able to tell by looking at me. My mother is from St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The islands are known to be a tourist spot and feature a lot of stuff to do for vacationing family and couples. Don’t worry, I have enough posts lined up to keep you busy till I get back on Saturday. If you can do me a favor and stumble some of my articles, I would be so in debt! Can’t wait to get back and find out everything I missed. Off to the beaches I go.

St Thomas U.S. Virgin IslandsSt Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands Map

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