Playing catch up

Catching up on workI hope everyone’s having a great Memorial Day weekend. I have had lots of fun with family and friends. I haven’t had a chance to post much over the weekend, so I’m here trying to catch up on email and posts, and a bad stomach virus… which I think was caused by a new Japanese restaurant I just tried.

This whole month I have had more interruptions and unexpected events that I had planned for. Memorial day weekend, an unexpected job interview, and a whole week on vacation. I haven’t had the time to do a lot of stuff I had planned for this month. However, while I can honestly say I wont be hitting my 200k goal this month, I am on schedule to do a bit over April’s stats. So I’m still happy.

My main goal for today is to sift through all of the great news I have gathered to keep you amused and informed.

What do you think?

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