Street Fighter – The Legend of Chung Li


Street Fighter - The Legend of Chung LiWell, I have been sitting on these pictures for awhile, and I am a bit surprised we haven’t seen much talk about this movie lately. I mean, who isn’t a fan of street fighter?! If you didn’t know, the filming of this movie is about half way finished, and they are in Thailand right now filming. There are some interesting picks for the characters like Balrog being played by Michael Clarke Duncan, and Vega being played by Taboo from the Black Eyes Peas. I think once they are closer to finishing up filming, we may be seeing the publicity start. Check out the official Street Fighter movie website for cast bios, on-set pictures, and storyboard ideas. Look for the movie to hit theaters in 2009. Images from First Showing. Mouse-over for cast names.

Chung Li – Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk as Chung Li

Balrog – Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog

Charlie Nash – Chris Klein

Chris Klein as Charlie Nash

M. Bison – Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke Duncan as M. Bison

Vega – Taboo

Taboo as Vega

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