Street Fighter – The Legend of Chung Li

Street Fighter - The Legend of Chung LiWell, I have been sitting on these pictures for awhile, and I am a bit surprised we haven’t seen much talk about this movie lately. I mean, who isn’t a fan of street fighter?! If you didn’t know, the filming of this movie is about half way finished, and they are in Thailand right now filming. There are some interesting picks for the characters like Balrog being played by Michael Clarke Duncan, and Vega being played by Taboo from the Black Eyes Peas. I think once they are closer to finishing up filming, we may be seeing the publicity start. Check out the official Street Fighter movie website for cast bios, on-set pictures, and storyboard ideas. Look for the movie to hit theaters in 2009. Images from First Showing. Mouse-over for cast names.

Chung Li – Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk as Chung Li

Balrog – Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog

Charlie Nash – Chris Klein

Chris Klein as Charlie Nash

M. Bison – Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke Duncan as M. Bison

Vega – Taboo

Taboo as Vega

What do you think?

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  1. No wonder she looked so familiar! She’s Lana from Smallville! I have to admit I’m quite impressed with the casting in general, they even got Pei-Pei Cheng (she’s just amazing) – and there was me thinking she had retired :)

  2. Chun-Li, not Chung Li :P

    But those are pretty excellent choices for actors, IMO. They look like the characters. Let’s hope they act like them! :D

  3. in the game vega is from spain chung li is from china kristen kreuk is asian that cool but does anyone know where the hell taboo is from he looks hispanic. the casting is ok i mean for the budget they have one must be impressed. micheal clarke is in everything so im not impressed there not to mention it apprears from the trailer that he not once in the film wears the actual bison outfit. Vegas mask in the movie is way off but i guess they are going for logic over look. One can not say a negative thing about micheal clark duncan hes the guy from the green mile so if u have anything bad to say look up his resume people should be glad they got such a good actor for the part. This movie looks a bit forced it definatley will not crush any records. but what the hell they havent really ran any tv spots for this movie but even if they did no records would break. The movie could be number one but i strongly doubt it very few people know this movie exist. All in all im just hoping people are true to the character cuz i love street fighter and use to draw ryu and ken all the time when i was in grade shool.

  4. Kelly Hu should have been chung li not only can she act and kick ass but she would look good doin it as for kristin kreuk she is alright but not the person i would have choose whoever was doing the casting for this really needed some help

  5. actually kreuk, born in vancouver, is mixture of dutch, hence her last name (dad), and chinese (mom, born in indonesia)… she also has a purple belt in karate soooooooooooo she’s a bit qualified for the role.

    Taboo was born in los angeles but is of mexican and shoshone descent. so he has the look the makers were looking for… do your research before posting!!!

  6. The movie was actually better than I expected, I loved the the fighting and I laughed at the dance scene! But It was overall really good I give it a B+ considering the budget and stuff like that!

    don’t doubt this movie, its actually really good!

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