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news-from-japan1Well here’s another weekend of interesting news. I have to come up with a name to call this weekly segment on my site. I’m not sure what I want to call it. Last week it was News from Japan, but that only works if I dedicated everything about Japan, which I know wont happen. Any ideas what I can call this segment? I’m open for suggestions. Message me on Twitter!

Japanese salary men get frisky young women delivered to thier office.

The Japanese salary workers endure long hours at work, cramped trains to and from work, as well as a non stop lifestyle that rivals any stressful culture here on earth. Its only right that they are able to take a break at work and get a personal “delivery health” session right? We thought so too.

Overseas students dumping Japanese for Chinese.

When I was in high school, everyone wanted to learn Japanese as the “cool” language. However with the current rise of China’s population, a lot of students are dumping their desire to learn Japanese and instead learn Chinese. In the next 20 years, China’s global role is bound to be bigger. So to combat this growing trend, Japan is increasing its official global schools from 10 to 100 in the next 3 years. I still have a desire to continue learning Japanese.

Pole dancing for the Wii?

Girlfriend sick of you spending all your time playing Super Smash Bros Brawl? Well, there may be a game coming out that both of you can equally enjoy! Makers of Peekaboo Poledancing portable stripper pole have expressed interest in designing a Wii game! Oh, how I want to see this a reality.

Statue of instant Ramen inventor erected to mark 50th anniversary.

Oh, how Momofuku Ando will live on in history as the legend to college students worldwide. I wonder if he had any idea his small dried noodle invention would be a food staple for the smartest developing minds across the universe, and Otaku from all walks of life. This statue was long overdue! Oh, and FYI, women love Chonbo Ramen!

You must dress as a Ninja for your first day of work.

So, you just got that job for the Iga Municipal Government that you have been wanting for weeks now. You think that you can start your career as a salary man / office lady, and be a respectable part of society. However, your boss informs you that, they is a Ninja Festival coming up, and he wants you to dress as a Ninja to promote it. Do you feel a little bit used? Well I dug this up from the archives, xorsyst as a Ninja! Don’t laugh.

Man kills mother for hassling him about getting a job.

Fellow Otaku, it is never right to harm the woman that spent 9 months carrying you around and countless hours giving birth to you. Koichi Hisano, of Tokai, Aichi prefecture, was quoted as saying, “She kept nagging me every day about not having a job, so I figured our house would be better off if mom wasn’t around.”

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  1. @mosey: thanks for catching. I just upgraded to WordPress 2.5 yesterday, and I may have just… i dunno what happened there, lol.

    @japaipanese: I guess when I start learning more Kanji, it will pay off if I ever need to visit China. I’ll just wrong around with paper and pen. The fact that tone plays a role with Chinese makes me not even want to attempt to learn it.

  2. Весьма тонко подмечено. В чем-то даже себя узнал :)

  3. Занимательная и интересная статья у вас. В отличие от большинства других подобных почти нет воды! :)

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