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Who is Xiaxue?

Who is Xiaxue

Xiaxue the Singaporean Blogstar Not quite Japanese (Singaporean/Chinese actually), but her recent techy love made me want to post about her. The popular Singaporean Blogstar Xiaxue, aka Wendy Cheng, has made news recently slamming the IPhone in favor for a Chinese knockoff. You may have remembered Xiaxue from making Gizmodo’s Top 10 blogger babes of 2006. At first glance, she may look like just an airhead, and only popular for her looks, but she is genuinely funny but controversial blogger, tv host, and net born celebrity, with thousands of fans.

Xiaxue the Singaporean BlogstarHer blog seems to just be a chronicle of her daily life around Singapore, and due to her success with her many endeavors, she has become a full time blogger. What’s cool to me is that she seems to be a geek at heart. Like many of us geeks, she started her internet life on IRC. I remember spending hours upon hours on Undernet and EFNet, and BBS‘s before that. Her blog receives over 10,000 hits daily.

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