Mac OS X Twhirl color scheme

Twhirl LogoI love Twhirl because it allows me to keep up with everyone on FriendFeed and Twitter. However, besides the colorless scheme that comes with Twhirl, all of the others seem to be loud and lacking subtlety. So I decided to create a color scheme to match my current OS X Graphite colors.

In order to install this color scheme:

  1. Close Twhirl if it is running
  2. Download osx-graphite.xml (right click, and click “Save Link As”)
  3. Put osx-graphite.xml into C:Program Filestwhirlcolorschemes
  4. Restart Twhirl
  5. Goto your Account Manager / Colors , and select OS X Graphite
  6. Enjoy.

Twitter Window

Twhirl: Twitter Window

FriendFeed Window

Twhirl: FriendFeed Window

Download the OS X Twhirl Color Scheme here.

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Written by xorsyst

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