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Anime PapercraftEvery now and then you find a cool site that you must talk about. Origami has always been very cool to me, but it’s sometimes hard to find Origami folding instructions that are simple enough to follow. A few days ago, a site called PaperKraft submitted an advertisement on Entrecard, and after checking out Ron‘s site, I instantly approved it because it was so cool. You may think of traditional Japanese Origami as folding Origami spheres and Origami sail boats, but there is so much more to it!

PaperKraft scours the internet to find the best paper craft and Origami sites, instructions, and links on the net today. Ron has over 700 subscribers so you know he writes and finds quality stuff. All of his links just make you want to click on them because you cant believe someone has made a paper Pikachu or a paper version of Tetris. I know everyone has seen the dollar bill origami, but how about taking those dollar bills and making Pornogami out of them… Yes I did say Pornogami. And what kind of Otaku would I be if I didn’t mention all the kawaii Anime Schoolgirl Papercraft! I’m not joking when I say you could literally spend hours on PaperKraft checking out all the cool stuff Ron has found. If you are looking for Origami basics and instructions, he has written a little guide that may get you started.

One thing that I did learn from PaperKraft is that like anything, Origami and papercraft are broken down into all sorts of different categories. Ron writes,

Sometimes new readers get confused with the content that we have and it’s because of the word “papercraft”. Depending on your geographic location, papercraft can refer to a lot of different things, but I want to point out that the main focus of this site is on 3D (three-dimensional) paper models. Whenever you see the word “papercraft” it refers to “3D paper models”. The types of genre included are anime, manga, video game, PC game, cartoon, and film. Also included are origami, paper automata, pop-up cards, and dioramas.

I definitely recommend checking out PaperKraft when you get a chance to. Here are some cool pictures that he has found. If you want to see how these are made, just head over to PaperKraft!

Papercraft Lamborghini

Papercraft Beatles

Anime Schoolgirl Papercraft

Star Wars Papercraft

Anime Nurse Papercraft

Orgami Papercraft 3d Models

Do you have the patience for Origami?

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