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    Tomohiro Kato is mentally stable

    It has taken 3 months, but a psychiatric exam have determined that Tomohiro Kato is competent enough to stand trial, and thus able to receive the maximum punishment for his killings. I’m glad that this this decision was made as I believed he definitely knew what he was doing when he killed those innocent people. […] More

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    AKIBA Today site launches

    As an American covering Japan, I depend on blogs and other websites that offer glimpses into daily Japan. I believe many people would be surprised to see how many blogs I have in Google reader in my quest to catch things off the radar that other Japan focused blogs miss. In a press release today, […] More

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    Akihabara’s vehicle-free street to reopen?

    Could Akihabara’s vehicle-free street come back? Akibablog pointed out that earlier signs announcing the close of vehicle-free street are now gone. The vehicle-free street had been closed since June 15th, and had been the first time being closed since it started in 1973. July 27th marks the 49th day since the Akihabara stabbings. In Buddhism, […] More

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    Rei Ayanami car in Akihabara

    Were police hassling this Otaku because they thought he was a serious threat, or were they just intrigued by his cool Rei Ayanami car? Chovitz posted about how this was his second time being questioned by police in Akihabara for no appearant reason. Sure, his car does stand out, but does that make him a […] More

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    300 Internet Death Threats

    Since the tragic stabbings in Akihabara by Tomohiro Kato, there have been around 300 death threats that have appeared on message boards Tokyo police report. While police admit many of the postings appear to not be serious, they have arrested 20 people on charges of public nuisance, and extortion. One of the men arrested was […] More

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    Akihabara Cafe: Miko-san Cafe

    The Japanese tradition of Miko-san or shrine maiden, goes back thousands of years. They are the female attendants of Shinto shrines. Their duty is to assist the priests in ceremonies and weddings, and to perform ordinary shrine functions. However, in Akihabara, the Miko-san also have a new duty. To perform popular JPop songs, while serving […] More

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    Big Four of Akiba fund raising

    Remember the Big 4 of Akiba? Those guys who cross dressed as Haruhi, and were shooting air-guns in the crowded streets of Akihabara? Well they’re back, but this time, it shouldn’t get them arrested. Last Saturday and Sunday the infamous 4 made their reappearance in Akihabara to begin a fundraising campaign to bring happiness back […] More

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    Yahoo! Japan bans sale of daggers

    Tomohiro Kato gestures with a military knife at a surplus store in Japan. Yahoo! Japan has made the decision today to ban sales of all daggers on their site due to fatal stabbings in Akihabara last Sunday. At the time the ban went into place, there were 3 daggers removed from the site. Yahoo! Japan […] More

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    Liquid nitrogen cooled Takoyaki

    Akiba GeteQ (known for it’s bear, alligator, snake, and turtle Takoyaki) has come up with a very unique, and new kind of takoyaki called Cool-dere Q. This ball of meaty goodness is dipped in liquid nitrogen to make the outside “minus 195 degrees” but the inside piping hot. An employee describes it as, For the […] More

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    Tomohiro Kato: Akihabara killer details

    Lots of new details emerged since Sunday about the Tomohiro Kato Akihabara killings. Early on, the media turned their focus to the fact that he seemed to be a fan of doujinshi, military equipment, cars, and Miss Wide Open. Police found evidence of all of the above in his apartment, and of course, the media […] More

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    Tomohiro Kato kills 7 in Akihabara

    Tomohiro Kato (above) Today marks a sad day in Akihabara. A man with a survival knife stabbed and killed 7 people while leaving 10 people injured. Reports say he drove a truck into a crowd, got out, and proceeded to stab anyone withing distance. Police was able to apprehend Tomohiro Kato, the 25 year old […] More

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    Akihabara Stores: Tora no Ana

    That building you see above is one of the pillars of Otakuism (yea, I probably just made up that word) in Akihabara. It’s called Tora no Ana, but to some, it’s known as the “Tiger Pit” (from the classic manga, Tiger Mask). Tora no Ana’s mascot, which is on top of their building is an […] More

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