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    Watch anime on your Zune

    For those of you that decided to say “Screw the status quo” and bought a Microsoft Zune instead of an iPod, a bit of good news has just been released. Microsoft announced that the Zune online media store has added titles from Funimation and Manga Entertainment. Some of the new titles include Afro Samurai, Whichblade, […] More

  • Ecchi Fanservice Anime

    Anime List: Best Anime Fanservice

    Wow, when I first had the idea for this post, I didn’t realize I would come up with so many different anime fanservice titles. I think my list ended up at around 37 different fanservice titles. So I figured instead of one long post, that would for sure drown you with all the Ecchi goodness, […] More

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    Bleach: Memories of Nobody in Theaters

    Seems 2008 is the year Japanese films and anime are playing in the big theaters. First Viz announced the Death Note movie playing in theaters in May. Now they have just announced that the first Bleach movie, Memories of Nobody, will run in American theaters on June 11 and 12th, 7:30p.m. And just like the […] More

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    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Movie

    Posted some pictures from this new game yesterday, and they looked amazing! However pictures only can say so much, so I present you with a video that blurs the lines between anime and game. This is going to be a big Naruto game! The official website goes live in 2 hours from me posting this. […] More

  • Afro Samurai Game

    Afro Samurai game in the Fall

    Seems that Samuel L Jackson has signed on with Gonzo and Namco Bandai’s new game based on the anime Afro Samurai. Gamespot reported that the game will follow the unique drawing style of Afro Samurai. If they do choose to follow the bloody style of the anime, you can be sure that we will see […] More

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    Mezzo Trailer

    This is a really good, but short (13 episodes) anime licenced to ADV films here in the states. I wish they would of made a complete season and maybe even a sequel. The story focuses around the DSA, Danger Service Agency, and their quest to feed pop’s noodle addiction. Lots of action and bloodied foes. […] More

  • Steel Angel Karumi

    Steel Angel Kurumi

    I started to watch Steel Angel Kurumi after seeing a video of someone dressed as Saki from Steel Angel. If they are willing to get in a full body costume with mask, it must be a half-way decent anime. More

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