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    angel made me say this, well it was really the sugar, but she doesn’t know that. CutestMami2Luv: hello *** Auto-response sent to CutestMami2Luv: im away, but i’ll brb x0rsysT 99: fruitcup x0rsysT 99: hey CutestMami2Luv: u juss called me a fruit cup x0rsysT 99: yep x0rsysT 99: you noticed :P x0rsysT 99: lol x0rsysT 99: […] More

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    i procrastinate with the best of em

    i have the worse headache right now. i’ve been programming since 12pm, and i’m STILL not finished. *sigh* i guess i shouldn’t procrastinate so much eh? oh well, that’s life. last night as i was trying to sleep, i had a few new ideas to spice up my site. i’m going to try and get […] More