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    bdays and games

    yesterday was pretty good. i forgot that it was my oldest sister’s birthday, so as soon as i got off from work, i got a call from my mom saying that they were at happy china having a birthday dinner, so i changed really fast, sent a text to nicola, and headded out. i love […] More

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    ah, it feels good being back in my room again. its weird tho. for the past um, 8 years ive been in that house. ive had posters and things on my walls. i hate a blank wall. it just looks so bare to me. however, after my room was painted, i was told not to […] More

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    great day yesterday

    thanks everyone who emailed me yesterday. yesterday was an ok day thanks to everyone. i really didn’t do anything for my birthday… its a tuesday, and i had class in the morning. plus, 21st is the birthday to celebrate for obvious reasons. thanks to my friend keima for getting me the cowboy bebop: heaven’s gate […] More

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    one more day till B-day

    ah, back at school. not much has changed. felt just like last semster. i still need to find out my friends schedules so i know where everyone is. the day started off with my SQL class. that shouldn’t be too hard. im finally learning oracle. and if i ever have any probs, i can go […] More

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    ive got cookies!

    cas rocks sooooo freaking much. i got some homemade cookies from her in the mail today. they were a bit melted but it was still good! i like getting sweet birthday presents early. thanks so much cas. tomorrow i will update the portal and all the links. i have quite a bit of new additions. […] More

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    two for tuesday

    1. Describe one of the best gifts you’ve ever received. my lava lamp from my good friend keima! lava lamps are hours of fun. 2. Describe a gift that you gave to someone else that was a really big hit. i think a ring that i along with my sisters gave my mother one year […] More

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