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    warning, 110% deep.

    ok, im back. had alot of personal things to take care of, but now i think im back to normal. i think people started to figure something was up when i left the same aim away msg on for like 2+ days. sorry about that. anyways. today was the first real day of my visual […] More

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    new streaming cam!

    after a bit of source code snooping on yahoo’s site, ive figured out how to add a yahoo webcam to a webpage. “why should i put my yahoo cam on my site?” you may wonder. well, for one, you get a live streaming cam, with a 1 second refresh, that features zooming, and you can […] More

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    dont you hate it when you have something to write about, but 30 mins later… you forget? thats so annoying. so this post will have no real purpose. i will just babble on about nothing in particular, wasting space as i so love doing. oh *brain fart* i do have something to ask. i need […] More