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    A-kon 19 breaks Guinness World Record

    Thanks to Crisu for first bringing this to my attention. Seems the short lived videogame cosplay Guinness world record has been broken by cosplayers at A-Kon 19 in Dallas Texas. The new event, which by the way is the largest continually running anime convention in North America, shattered the old record. 697 cosplayers were on […] More

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    Yamashita Sougou Byouin

    With the recent crackdown in Akihabara, one band has decided to take advantage of all the press that is fixated in Akihabara. Yamashita Sougou Byouin, Yamashita Hospital, went down to Akihabara to perform on vehicle free street. They made sure to separate themselves from Sawamoto by holding signs that said they don’t perform strip shows. […] More

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    MAD does Onnanoko ni Naritai

    Earlier, I wrote about Onnanoko ni Naritai, a cosplay manual for men that want to learn how to cosplay as females. Here’s a perfect example of taking what you would learn from that manual, set in front of a MAD video. More

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    Cosplayers break Guinness Record

    I didn’t know that the Guinness book of World Records had a record for the largest gathering of game characters, but apperantly they do, and that number is 80 people. This record was broken on March 19, 2008. I wonder what other cosplay-like records need to be broken. How many of the characters can you […] More

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    Pan Kissh – Shinjuku Panty Cafe

    When you think of Japanese pop culture, you can’t overlook the sometimes perverse underground culture that is spread all over Japan. Back in the 1980s, Japan saw a rise in the amount of “bottomless” cafes where women often worked without panties and offered customers strategic views with well-placed mirrors and fans. However, Tokyo Gov. Shintaro […] More

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    Food Cosplay

    Was just reading Peter’s latest post on the state of Akihabara, something I also wrote about a few days ago. At the bottom he used a picture of KFC and Mc Donald’s cosplay, and made me wonder if cosplaying as food is a popular trend. So I set off to Google with Piclens and found […] More

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    Onnanoko ni Naritai: Cosplay version

    Have you ever wanted to cosplay as your favorite female character only to realize youre male and don’t have a clue where to start? (Come on, there has to be a few of you out there). Well there’s now a manual just for you! Onnanoko ni Naritai! Cosplay ver (I wanna be a girl) gives […] More

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    Akihabara deemed lawless area

    You may have heard of the recent crackdowns by Japanese police in Akihabara. Well it seems this past weekend the patrols were eased a bit, and normality returned to Akihabara… for a moment at least. Seems Yahoo News Japan reported Akihabara to be a lawless area and that attracted hordes of TV camera crews trying […] More

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    Candy Doll visits Akihabara

    If you want a recipe for attracting a lot of attention while visiting Akihabara, just stand out. That’s what these 2 blond girls did, and attracted masses of people following them with digital and video cameras. Akiba-blog said they are from a blond girls magazine called Candy Doll, not to be confused with the sex […] More

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