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    i dont need a subject

    another weekend over, and not much to talk about. right now im watching this guy across the street trying to clear out a lot. there are huge pine tree’s that he’s trying to knock down with a big crane thing… thing is, there are houses on 3 sides of the lot, so if he messes […] More

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    louis doesnt equal ja rule

    LOL, i dont look like ja rule konnie. i dont know how many people say that tho. i just dont see it. maybe im one of the blind ones. even tho she’s WRONG, check out her site anyways. she‘s way to cute. More

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    i hurt all over

    hmm, i dunno what it is about not posting on saturday. i don’t do it on purpose, but the same thing happened last weekend… oh well. i’m so sore today. i need a massage *hint*. i spent the most part of today working in the yard. ok, my mom’s boyfriend bought the cheap brand of […] More