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    i wish i was that sexy

    ugh, let’s see how long i can hold out. my right arm is soooo sore right now. i just got finished playing like 50 games of fusbol. i wanted to write this last night, but i got sidetracked. last night i had to go pick up my sister from a meeting. on the way, i […] More

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    {{popup sims1.jpg sims1 262×273}}click here for the pic i was playing the sims earlier today, and both of my characters died… what did i learn? don’t let the guy cook. see, in the pic, he’s already dead, and the girl was left to put out the fire. however, she caught on fire, and it was […] More

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    flashes of female OZ

    i always get the weird things happening to me while i’m out. on my way to the bank today, i pulled out behind this van type thing… it’s the kinda truck UPS has… but it was a sherrif’s truck, and the back was open and covered with a wire type of gate. inside of the […] More

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    i’ve got layout fever

    today was semi productive. i was in a layout mood from last night. i’m making a layout for nicola that should be finished in a few days. i REALLY like the layout i’m doing for her. i’m all jealous that it’s not for my site, heh ;) . but besides that layout, i did 2 […] More

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    she has amazing talent

    omg. while i was searching around i noticed jenny‘s site. so after going there, and looking around, a song started to play. and i mean, it sounded so good. the girl singing it has a great voice. i was trying to figure out who sings it… when i realized it was jenny! she has […] More

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    where are the girls???

    yesterday morning when i woke up, the tv just happened to be on the disney channel. i don’t know what i was watching last night, but in the sea of infomercials and such, the sounds of disney is good to sleep by (lol, i’m not trying to say that channel puts me to sleep). well, […] More

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