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    to cut, or not to cut.

    ok, i need help. i cant decide, and i asked nicola for advice, and she couldn’t decide either. about a week ago or so i cut off my mustache, and i usually never do that. at first, i hated it, but now its kinda growing on me. so i need your help of if i […] More

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    two for tuesday

    time for the two for tuesday. 1. Are you happy where you live? If not, what isn’t working for you there? yes and no. pensacola is a good city… or it will be in 20 years. this city is growing daily. it has some awesome beaches, and some nice people. this city is known for […] More

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    where are the girls???

    yesterday morning when i woke up, the tv just happened to be on the disney channel. i don’t know what i was watching last night, but in the sea of infomercials and such, the sounds of disney is good to sleep by (lol, i’m not trying to say that channel puts me to sleep). well, […] More