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    The biggest Big Mac in Japan

    Just when you thought the Mega Mac was the biggest burger in Japan, I give you the Supa Ookii Mega Oogata Biggu Makku. Sadly, Mc Donalds does not want to contribute to the obesity rate here in America, so we shall never see this Big Mac. Itadakimasu! More

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    The Big Four of Akiba

    There’s a new group in Akihabara that have made the police step up their patrols since the crackdown officially started. Who are they? They call themselves the Big Four of Akiba, not to be confused with the F4 from Hana Yori Dango. These four men dress in Haruhi outfits, and carry air guns that look […] More

  • Inside Pan Kissh

    Pan Kissh – Shinjuku Panty Cafe

    When you think of Japanese pop culture, you can’t overlook the sometimes perverse underground culture that is spread all over Japan. Back in the 1980s, Japan saw a rise in the amount of “bottomless” cafes where women often worked without panties and offered customers strategic views with well-placed mirrors and fans. However, Tokyo Gov. Shintaro […] More

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    Honda’s Japanese Crime Rate GPS

    For those of you living in Japan and sometime wonder if you are leaving your car in a safe area, Honda has a new GPS system that will put your mind at ease. The new crime rate detecting navigation system  links to local police stations and provides crime ratings by location. The data that is […] More

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    Naruto Shippuden Kizuna trailer

    TV Tokyo is streaming the trailer for the new Naruto movie based on the Shippuden series, Naruto Shippuden Kizuna. This is their second movie in the Shippuden series. The Kizuna film will focus on the teaming of Naruto and Sasuke, and airs in Japan starting August 2nd. Yes, I did say Naruto and Sasuke were […] More

  • Generate QR Code Japan

    Generate your own QR code

    You may have seen those pictures before while browsing Japanese sites. That image is called a QR code. It’s basically a 2D barcode. With Japan’s citizen’s being among the top tech savvy in the world, these codes provide easy access to information for many. What Japan Thinks posted an article showing just how popular these […] More

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    Weekend News

    Well here’s another weekend of interesting news. I have to come up with a name to call this weekly segment on my site. I’m not sure what I want to call it. Last week it was News from Japan, but that only works if I dedicated everything about Japan, which I know wont happen. Any […] More

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    Super NES controller for Wii

    Right now, I’m a bit jealous. Jealous at the fact that I don’t live in Japan. Jealous at the fact I’m not a Club Nintendo member. Now, if I did happen to live in Japan, and was a member of that club, I could have my hands on this cool new Super Famicom (Super NES […] More

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    MEGWIN TV – Japanese Jackass

    When you hear MEGWIN, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? You’ve never heard of MEGWIN? Well let me introduce to creative ways to induce pain. That’s MEGWIN’s way of doing it, and it makes for great Youtube videos. Just think, Jackass, but less extreme, and more creative. More

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    Code Geass Pizza Hut Promotion

    If more companies backed and promoted anime here in the states, I think theres a good chance of breaking into the mainstream audience. Pizza Hut Japan has started a new campaign promoting the Code Geass series in Japan. When you order a pizza between March 27 and May 11th, you get a custom box with […] More

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    Frozen Ginza

    You may have heard of the Improv group that did this stunt first in Grand Central, New York City. Well I give you the Japanese version done in Ginza. More

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