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    Yakuza 2 to be in Japanese

    Sega has scored some cool points with me for Yakuza 2. I think Japan is on like the 6th Yakuza game or something, and we are just getting a second. However, after much criticism over the original Yakuza game being dubbed — losing some of the sterotypical Yakuza-ness that American’s seem to love, Sega is […] More

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    Tokyoflash: Unique Japanese Watches

    I first heard about Tokyoflash in a podcast I listen to called Japancast. They were giving away a watch as a first place prize. Whenever they were trying to describe the watch on air to listeners, they always had a difficult time explaining the appearance. Usually Japancast just told you to go to their website […] More

  • Male Japanese Host

    Yunosuke, being a male host in Japan

    To some, especially if you watch Anime like Ouran High School Host Club, this idea may not be as foreign to you. We are all familar with the Geisha’s in Japan pampering and keeping company for male customers. However there is a newer trend that has males pampering females, and some of those women are […] More

  • Generate QR Code Japan

    Generate your own QR code

    You may have seen those pictures before while browsing Japanese sites. That image is called a QR code. It’s basically a 2D barcode. With Japan’s citizen’s being among the top tech savvy in the world, these codes provide easy access to information for many. What Japan Thinks posted an article showing just how popular these […] More

  • Tokyology Interview

    Tokyology – Japanese Pop Culture Documentary

    Well, if you haven’t guessed it already, I’m a big fan, and somewhat of an addict to Japanese pop culture. The fact that you’re reading this blog probably makes you an addict too. One of my goals for 2008 is to make it over to Japan and experience it for myself. However, if you can’t […] More

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    Wholesome MegMilk

    What do you get when you cross an anime featuring kawaii ushi musume-tachi and a wholesome MegMilk commercial? An unlikely pairing that somehow makes sense. More

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