If you’re a fan of JPop, you may want to check out ChrisG’s latest creation, While there are only a handful of constantly updated JPop blogs and sites for the English speaking fans, hopes to not only become an active place for discussion of new JPop hitting the...

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Idoling!!! promotes Windows Vista

Hit JPop idol group Idoling!!! is going to help Microsoft promote its Windows Vista platform throughout the summer in Japan. The group will be touring Tokyo’s major electronics stores nationwide starting June 12th. Idoling!!! was created by Fuji TV in October 2006. Fuji TV held auditions for 50 people, and...

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Who’s your favorite musical artist from Japan?

I think I have a very diverse music taste. I honestly can’t think of one music genre that I like the best. It usually changes every 3-4 months, and eventually I will come back to a particular genre like it was some sort of seasonal cycle. Right now, Im listening...

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AmerikaJinMusume dances to JPOP

Who doesn’t like to watch a cute girl dancing to JPOP? Nobody, that’s who. Here is Youtube user, AmerikaJinMusume, and her favorite Hello! Project Dance Mixes. To check out more of her JPOP dance videos, visit her profile.

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