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    Otaku room on FriendFeed

    If you’re a fan of Japanese pop culture, or have you own blog related to anything Otaku, feel free to join my new FriendFeed room /Otaku. FriendFeed is a service that has been gaining a lot of publicity recently, and I am a big fan of it. With there being so many social networking sites […] More

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    U.S. Navy makes CVN-73 manga

    Who said the U.S. Navy wasn’t culturally sensitive? ANN has reported that the U.S. Navy has not only completed the story for their planned manga title, but has already printed around 30,000 copies. The manga is called CVN-73, and was created to promote the arrival of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington to the Navy […] More

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    Hennako-chan manga gets animated

    Gonzo has just announced that they will create an animated version of the gag manga Hennako-chan. Hennako-chan is about a little girl who takes pleasure messing with people and things with her psychic powers. They are going to make a weekly series of six three-minute animated shorts. Hennako-chan is a comedy comic series targeted at […] More

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    NewType USA no more!

    According to, NewType USA has decided to cease publishing their magazine with their last issue being in February. According to ADV’s exchanges with their advertisers, ADV is planning a new magazine. I wonder what it could be about. I can see them going towards a broader approach to expand their reader base. Maybe they […] More

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    Otaku USA Magazine

    Happy New Years everyone! While in Pensacola for the holidays, I came across a new magazine that I really enjoy. You can usually find me in Barnes and Nobles looking for new design books or magazines. While sifting through Shonen Jump and Newtype magazines, I came across one called Otaku USA that I have never […] More

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    Jlist New Items!

    I’m usually not the kind of person that would subscribe to daily emails from a site, nor light up every time a message from a site hits my mailbox. However, JList‘s daily News from Japan is always an interesting read. They do tell you the new items they just received, but the reason I enjoy […] More