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    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Movie

    Posted some pictures from this new game yesterday, and they looked amazing! However pictures only can say so much, so I present you with a video that blurs the lines between anime and game. This is going to be a big Naruto game! The official website goes live in 2 hours from me posting this. […] More

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    Death Note Movie in May

    If you are a fan of Death Note, you may be in for a treat. Viz Pictures has released that they will be airing the Death Note live action movie in 300 theaters across the USA on May 20th and 21st at 7:30pm! This is the first Death Note movie, and not the recently released […] More

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    New Dragonball Z Movie Pics

    Breaking News: New Dragonball Movie leaked clip for a fight between Chi Chi and Mai. Click here to watch it. Is it me, or do all of the pictures that have surfaced for the new Dragonball Z Movie make me think they are not even following the Dragonball Z story line? These new pictures surfaced, […] More

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    i ate bambi

    i got home a little while ago, and i was starving. so i went into the kitchen and looked into the refrig. to find a blue container. i opened it and saw some hamburgers in there, so i warmed up one and ate it. after i had taken the last bite, my sister goes “did […] More